Robert Tibshirani

Professor of Statistics
Professor of Biomedical Data Science
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Robert Tibshirani

Robert Tibshirani's main interests are in applied statistics, biostatistics, and data mining. He is co-author of the books Generalized Additive Models (with T. Hastie), An Introduction to the Bootstrap (with B. Efron), and Elements of Statistical Learning (with T. Hastie and J. Friedman). His current research focuses on problems in biology and genomics, medicine, and industry. With collaborator Balasubramanian Narasimhan, he also develops software packages for genomics and proteomics.

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Local Likelihood Estimation
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Friedman, Switzer

Related News

Professor Tibshirani has been named as the 2021 recipient of the ISI Founders of Statistics Prize for Contemporary Research Contributions.
Leying Guan (PhD 2019, advisors Tibshirani and Wong) and Robert Tibshirani are the recipients of the 2021 Canadian Journal of Statistics Award for their article "Post model-fitting exploration via a 'Next Door' anal



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