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Technical Reports

Technical reports are available from a variety of series, spanning many different reporting groups and funding agencies. To date, all known Statistics Department reports that are present in the Archive have been scanned and appear on this site.

You can search using Title keywords, Author name, and/or Year issued, or simply browse the reports by Series. If you find an error on these pages, or have information regarding any of our missing reports, please send a message to the Technical Reports Archive at

Format: 2021
Report # (Alt Rpt #) Date Author Title Note
Jun 2017
J. Gorham
L. Mackey
Measuring Sample Quality with Kernels
Jun 2017
C.J. DiCiccio
J.P. Romano
M. Wolf
Improving Weighted Least Squares Inference revised Jan 2018
May 2017
W. Guo
J.P. Romano
Analysis of Error Control in Large Scale Two-Stage Multiple Hypothesis Testing
Apr 2017
A.B. Owen Confidence Intervals with Control of the Sign Error in Low Power Settings
Mar 2017
A.B. Owen
C. Prieur
On Shapley Value for Measuring Importance of Dependent Inputs
Dec 2016
B. Narasimhan
B. Efron
A G-Modeling Program for Deconvolution and Empirical Bayes Estimation
Nov 2016
B. Efron Curvature and Inference for Maximum Likelihood Estimates
Oct 2016
E. Candès
Y. Fan
L. Janson
J. Lv
Panning for Gold: Model-free Knockoffs for High-dimensional Controlled Variable Selection
Oct 2016
Y. Chen
E.J. Candès
The Projected Power Method: An Efficient Algorithm for Joint Alignment from Pairwise Differences
May 2016
M. Gavish
D.L. Donoho
Optimal Shrinkage of Singular Values new revision of 2014-08 (with same title)