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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1997-1998
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1997-1998 Emmanuel J. Candès Donoho Johnstone, Papanicolaou Ridglets: Theory and Applications
1997-1998 Hockpeng Chan Lai Lai, Siegmund, Dembo Boundary Crossing Theory in Change-Point Detection and Its Applications
1997-1998 Michael Adam Hochster Romano Romano, Switzer, Efron Adaptive Bootstrap L/4-Estimation
1997-1998 Gareth Michael James Hastie Hastie, Friedman, Owen Majority Vote Classifiers: Theory and Applications
1997-1998 Yigal Dan Rubinstein Hastie Hastie, Friedman, Owen Disriminative vs. Informative Learning
1997-1998 Chiara Sabatti Liu Hastie, Lai Group Transformations and Dimensionality Reduction in Transitive MCMC
1997-1998 Bronislava Markovna Sigal Siegmund Siegmund, Walther, Johnstone Detection of a Smooth Signal in Fixed Sample and Sequential Problems
1997-1998 Catherine Ann Sugar Olshen Olshen, Efron, Friedman Techniques for Clustering and Classification with Applications to Medicine
1997-1998 Weidong Wang Owen Owen, Pease, Switzer Adaptive Metrology and Mask Inspection
1997-1998 Yi Zhou Owen Owen, Friedman, Hastie Adaptive Importance Sampling for Integration
Cohort: 1996-1997
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1996-1997 Jonathan B. Buckheit Donoho Donoho, Olshen, Johnstone Statistical Applications of Adaptive Basis Selection
1996-1997 Hui Chen Romano Romano, Switzer, Efron Bootstrap Assisted Goodness of Fit Tests in the Frequency Domain
1996-1997 Ching-Fer (Sophia) Chen Karlin Karlin, Dembo, Lai Analysis of R-Scan Statistics for Marker Arrays inChen Correlated Sequences
1996-1997 Neil James Crellin Hastie Hastie, Friedman, Johnstone Modeling Image Sequences, with Particular Application to FMRI Data
1996-1997 I-Ping Tu Siegmund Siegmund, Whittemore, Lai Theory and Applications of Scan Statistics
1996-1997 Po Shing (Sam) Wong Lai Lai, Olshen, Hastie Stochastic Neural Networks and Their Applications to Regression Analysis and Time Series Forecasting
1996-1997 James Hui Yen Olkin Olkin, Switzer, Kraemer Robust Estimation of Effect Sizes in Meta-Analysis
Cohort: 1995-1996
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1995-1996 Sudeshna Adak Johnstone Johnstone, Donoho, Efron Time Dependent Spectral Analysis of Nonstationary Time Series
1995-1996 Shaobing Chen Donoho Donoho, Johnstone, Saunders Basis Pursuit
1995-1996 Keith Martin Gregg Olkin Olkin, Lai, Liu Statistical Applications of Eigenvalue Expansions