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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 2011-2012
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2011-2012 Jacob Bien Tibshirani Hastie, Taylor A Lasso for Hierarchical Interactions
2011-2012 Camilo Rivera Guerrero Walther Taylor, Zhang Detection of bumps on the intensity function of an inhomogeneous Poisson process
2011-2012 Juegang Hu Rajaratnam Efron, Johnstone, Romano Uncertainty Quantification in High Dimensional Model Selection and Inference for Regression
2011-2012 Brad Klingenberg Taylor Hastie, Walther Searching for structured interactions in and between datasets
2011-2012 Philip Labo Siegmund Tang, Zhang Yeast and Chemostats, Balls and Urns: Two comments on the dynamics of adaptive evolution
2011-2012 Jun Li Tibshirani Hastie, Wong Differential Expression Identification and False Discovery Rate Estimation in RNA-Seq Data
2011-2012 Rahul Mazumder Hastie Friedman, Tibshirani Topics in Sparse Multivariate Statistics
2011-2012 Jiaqi Shen Zhang Siegmund, Wong Change-Point Models on Point Processes and Applications in Genomics
2011-2012 Shilin Zhu Lai Dembo, Giesecke Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling of Fixed Income Assets
Cohort: 2010-2011
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
2010-2011 Murat Ahmed Walther Walther, Tibshirani, Lai Topics in unsupervised learning: feature selection and multi-modality
2010-2011 Su Chen Owen Owen, Lai, Wong Consistency and convergence rate of Markov Chain Quasi Monte Carlo with Examples
2010-2011 Yi Fang Chen Switzer Switzer, Walther, Zhang Statistical combination of climate models
2010-2011 Justin Dyer Owen Owen, Walther, Cover Visualizing and modeling joint behavior of categorical variables with a large number of levels
2010-2011 Nicholas Johnson Wong Wong, Hua Tang, Tibshirani Efficient models and algorithms for problems in genomics
2010-2011 Li Ma Wong Wong, Siegmund, Tibshirani Coupling optional Polya trees and the two sample problem
2010-2011 Omkar Muralidharan Efron Efron, Zhang, Tibshirani A Mixture Model Approach to Empirical Bayes Testing and Estimation
2010-2011 Kevin Sun Lai Lai, Zhang, Walther Dynamic Empirical Bayes Models and Their Applications to Longitudinal Data
2010-2011 Yunting Sun Owen, Zhang Efron, Wong On Latent Systemic Effects in Multiple Hypotheses
2010-2011 Ryan Tibshirani Taylor Taylor, Candes, Hastie The Solution Path of the Generalized Lasso
2010-2011 Feng Zhang Lai Lai, Rajaratnam, Zhang Cross-Validation and Regression Analysis in High-Dimensional Sparse Linear Models