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Dissertations are held in the collections of
Stanford University Libraries.

Cohort: 1970-1971
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1970-1971 Edward Abe Brill Solomon Solomon, Wang, Johns Stochastic Models of Vehicular Traffic Congestion
1970-1971 Marshall Lawrence Clevenson Parzen Parzen, Hinkley, Olshen Asymptotically Efficient Estimates of the Parameters of a Moving Average Time Series
1970-1971 Peter John Cooke Solomon Solomon, Switzer, Johns Sequential Coverage in Geometrical Probability
1970-1971 James Cardon Reading Woodworth Woodworth, Miller, Sobel A Multiple Comparison Procedure for Classifying all Pairs out of k Means as Close or Distant
1970-1971 Warren Francis Rogers Woodworth Woodworth, Switzer, Efron Exact Null Distributions and Asymptotic Expansions for Rank Test Statistics
1970-1971 Allan Robert Sampson Olkin Olkin, Switzer, Johns An Asymptotically Efficient Stepwise Estimator for Exponential Families with Applications to Certain Multivariate Normal Distributions
1970-1971 Christopher Stroude Withers Woodworth Woodworth, Chernoff, Hinkley Power and Efficiency of a Class of Goodness of Fit Tests
Cohort: 1969-1970
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1969-1970 Alan Enoch Gelfand Solomon Solomon, Olkin, Stein Seriation of Multivariate Observations Through Similarities
1969-1970 Perry Morton Gluckman Siegmund Siegmund, Johns, Miller Applications of Diffusion Approximations to the Collective Theory of Risk
1969-1970 Ralph Eugene Kromer Parzen Parzen, Anderson, Olshen Asymptotic Properties of the Autoregressive Spectral Estimator
1969-1970 Kathleen Rundle Lamborn Miller Miller, Moses, Brown Problems from Biostatistics
1969-1970 John Paul Lehoczky Solomon Solomon, Lieberman, Olshen Stochastic Models in Traffic Flow Theory: Intersection Control
1969-1970 Roberto Sanchez Mariano Anderson Anderson, Olkin, Stein On Distributions and Moments of Single-Equation Estimators in a Set of Simultaneous Linear Stochastic Equations
1969-1970 Richard William Shorrock Solomon Solomon, Feldman, Switzer Caravans in Traffic Flow
1969-1970 James Hutchinson Ware Efron Efron, Switzer, Olkin Regression when Both Variables are Subject to Error and the Ranks of Their Means are Known
1969-1970 Kenneth Laurence Weldon Miller Miller, Veinott, Gani Stochastic Storage Processes with Multiple Slope Linear Inputs and Outputs
Cohort: 1968-1969
Cohort Student Advisor Name Committee Names Dissertation
1968-1969 John Kelso Abraham Chernoff Chernoff, Siegmund, Hall The Local Power of Sequential Tests Subject to an Expected Sample Size Restriction
1968-1969 Peter Ole Anderson Arrow Arrow, Chernoff, Parzen Estimation of Simultaneous Systems of Linear Equations with Nonlinear Constraints Among the Coefficients
1968-1969 James Norman Arvesen Miller Miller, Moses, Woodworth Jackknifing U-Statistics
1968-1969 Frederick Philip Glick, Jr. Switzer Switzer, Efron, Moses, Cover Estimating Unconditional Probabilities of Correct Classification