The American Academy of Arts and Sciences today announced the election of 204 new members into one of the country's oldest and most prestigious honorary societies.
The Guy Medal in Gold is awarded by the Royal Statistical Society to fellows or others who are judged to have merited a signal mark of distinction by reason of their innovative contributions to the theory or application of statistics. The awards cer
The department will recognize all faculty who have been honored with various awards and prizes during the 2012-2013 period, as well as formally welcome new faculty members Sourav Chatterjee  and Lester Mackey, along with new Stein Fellow Yuval Benjamini.
Assistant Professor Mackey and his collaborator Lilly Fang (PhD, JD) achieved Gold Medal status when their team “y7717” ranked first among Best Performing Teams in the DREAM Phil Bowen ALS Prediction Prize4Life Challenge.
Rob Tibshirani has worked with colleagues for two years on an endeavor known as PubMed Commons, a website that allows scientists to comment on papers indexed through PubMed. It launched Oct. 22.
Also appointed Professor, by courtesy, of Electrical Engineering, for the period June 1, 2013 through August 31, 2016.
Professor Holmes and David Relman, MD, together received a Transformative Research Award from the National Institutes of Health on September 30, 2013.
The Distinguished Alumni Award was presented by Cornell University's Department of Statistical Science.
The award was made during a special graduation ceremony that formed part of the university's 600th Anniversary celebrations.
The Line and Michel Loève International Prize in Probability is awarded every two years and is intended to recognize outstanding contributions by researchers in probability who are under 45 years old.
At the School of Earth Sciences Class of 2013 diploma ceremony, Rajaratnam, Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Earth System Science as well as in the Department of Statistics, received the annual Earth Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award for “his genuine interest in his students, his extensive preparation and his commitment
The 2013 Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences, worth US$1 million dollars, is awarded to David L.
"Persi Diaconis, who in merging the mathematical theory of groups with statistics has radically reconfigured our understanding of randomness."
"The paper of Candès and Recht was selected because of its exposition excellence, the current importance of the topic and the impressive number of citations in three years.
This award is the highest distinction bestowed by the Statistical Society of Canada. It is given annually to a Canadian statistician or probabilist who has made outstanding research contributions to statistical sciences, and is intended to honor a leader in the field.
The Simons Foundation is proud to announce the creation of a joint Chair, shared equally between a Mathematics department and a partner department, by the Math+X: Encouraging Interactions Program. The endowment grant will include substantial operating funds to support activities shared between the two departments.
The Levi L. Conant Prize is awarded annually to recognize an outstanding expository paper published in either the Notices of the AMS or the Bulletin of the AMS during the preceding five years. The Conant Prize for 2012 is awarded to Persi Diaconis for his article, “The Markov chain Monte Carlo revolution”; Bulletin Amer.
Through its YFA program, DARPA identifies outstanding junior faculty members and exposes them to DoD, its needs and DARPA’s program development process. YFA combines funding, mentoring and networking with industry and DoD early in a recipient’s career to help them in framing future research in the context of defense needs.
A Two-Day Event in Honor of David Siegmund's 70th Birthday (archived) featuring invited lectures on probability, mathematical and applied statistics, statistical genetics, and computational biology
A Seminar Series on the Occasion of the Retirement of Paul Switzer Friday, October 22, 2010 CIS-X Auditorium Emceed by Ingram Olkin, Professor of Statistics and of Education, Emeritus
A Statistics Department Special Seminar Series in Honor of Richard A. Olshen Tuesday, October 5, 2010CIS-X Auditorium
Data were collected from institutions for academic year 2005-2006 through questionnaires distributed to faculty, administrators, and students, as well as from public sources.
Professor Candès with his colleague Terence Tao of the Mathematics Department at UCLA were awarded jointly "for their role in developing the theory of compressed sensing and matrix completion, which enables efficient reconstruction of sparse, high-dimensional data based on very few measurements.
The Marvin Zelen Leadership Award in Statistical Science recognizes an individual in government, industry, or academia, who by virtue of his/her outstanding leadership has had a great impact on the theory and practice of statistical science.
Symposium in Probability and Statistics in Honor of Charles Stein on his 90th Birthday (archived)